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...because life is too short for crappy soap

Welcome to Dreamy Suds

Soap from the store is crap, I don't want crap, so I started making my own!  Handcrafted soap is amazing, I never knew how skin was supposed to feel until I started using it regularly.  Not only do I feel better about what we use in my family, I literally FEEL better.  I didn't just stop there either, I'm always seeking to find better alternatives in our bath and body products.  Lotions, Shampoo, Conditioner, Handwash, Lip Balms, Bath Fizzes are just to name a few that I've begun to carry.  Keep an eye out - I'm always drumming up new products!

Come on in and take a look around and give handcrafted bath and beauty products a try - you may never go back to commercial products again.

Shipping Rates

Up to $25 = $5.00

$25.01 - $50 = $2.99

$50+ = Free

If local to Maple Valley, WA - or willing to pick up in Maple Valley, WA - please use the discount code LOCAL for in person pick up.

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